Saturday, July 13th - 9 pm
(New Location:) Roxanne's Lounge/Bar/Grill
1115 East Wardlow Rd., Long Beach 90807

Club Impact was one of the largest scooter clubs in Southern California.
It thrived during the mid 80s to the early 90s.

Everything began with Ernie Von Epp inviting a few of his friends to his home in order to discuss the possibilities
of starting a scooter club in Long Beach. Who knew that those 8 kids would start a group that would
positively affect the lives of many and host more than a handful of house parties, a few large concerts,
a few big scooter rallies, and help launch the musical careers of a few celebrities that we all know today.

The club was the foundation that formed many bonds of friendship, with some remaining strong
and continuing to this day. Let’s give it up to Ernie for bringing us all together that one afternoon. And being
the original leader of the club during a truly magical time. This reunion is open to everyone.
Whether you were a part of it, participated in the events, or was in the scene during that time,
we would love to see you.

Let us rekindle connections and refeflect
back on the great times we share.
And although we all travel different paths as we get older, we should not forget where we come from and, especially,
we should not forget those who we have lost along the way.
Let’s come together again and make even more great memories.

...P A S T ..... E V E N T S

Sugar Shack

Sunday, June 2nd, 2019
3 pm to 9 pm
Roxanne's Lounge/Bar/Grill
1115 East Wardlow Rd., Long Beach 90807

The So Cal Soul Patrol hosted another Soul-themed event that surely ruffled some feathers.

Everyone grooved their butts and grinded away to the all-vinyl sets provided by the So Cal Soul Patrol DJs. And

the Wham Bam Band and Thee What Four played multiple sets of sweet Soul/Mod/Brit Pop music for the party goers.

Click Here to watch the Video... Click Here to watch the VideoClick Here to watch the VideoClick Here to watch the Video


Groove Town

Saturday, May 18th, 2019
9 pm
The Barkley
1400 Huntington Dr., S. Pasadena 91030

The So Cal Soul Patrol presented another all-vinyl night of Motown/Soul/Funk music

that got everyone's hips grinding and feet sliding across the dance floor.


Sugar Shack

Sunday, Mar 31st, 2019
3 pm to 9 pm
Roxanne's Lounge/Bar/Grill
1115 East Wardlow Rd., Long Beach 90807

Another SoCal Soul Patrol event that was a blend of vintage scooters,
sweet Soul music, adult drinks, and specialty foods. It was another nice Sunday afternoon in the LBC.
And everyone soaked up the sun and showed off some SoCal fashion.

The Wham Bam Band did not dissappoint as they brought their Soul sounds that got the crowd grooving.


Friday, Mar 29th, 2019
9 pm
The Barkley
1400 Huntington Dr., S. Pasadena 91030

An all-vinyl Soul/R&B/Mod music hangout
that was inspired by all those secret agents
needing to let loose and get groovy.


Motown Soul Nite

Thursday, Feb 28th, 2019
9 pm
The Barkley
1400 Huntington Dr., S. Pasadena 91030

Another night of groovy, toe-tapping, finger-snapping Soul tunes.
It was definitely a swanky, speak-easy type of night.


Sugar Shack
Sunday, Feb 10th, 2019
3 pm to 9 pm
Roxanne's Lounge/Bar/Grill
1115 East Wardlow Rd., Long Beach 90807

A Soulful Sunday experience that was held in the LBC.

Although people had to face harsh rainy weather to get to the venue,
the need to hear and feel the groovy tunes from the Soul 60s era was too great to miss.

Vintage scooters made it. Mods with a fashion sense made it.
And an array of cocktails and beers to compliment the day were had by all.


Motown Soul Nite

Thursday, Jan 24th, 2019
9 pm
The Barkley
1400 Huntington Dr., S. Pasadena 91030

An all-vinyl evening that raised the Motown Soul vibe throughout South Pasadena.
Cool cats and sweet kittens came out to play as they sipped on cocktails and beers.

The environment was fitting for any Good Fellas movie, which complimented
the sounds coming from the SoCal Soul Patrol (SCSP) DJs.


Sugar Shack
Sunday, Jan 20th, 2019
3 pm to 9 pm
Roxanne's Lounge/Bar/Grill
1115 East Wardlow Rd., Long Beach 90807

An all-vinyl Soul Sunday hangout that was brought to you by
the SoCal Soul Patrol and the newly-minted Iconic Mod Scooter Club.

A special activity was also planned to celebrate the birthday
of one of our very own... Belle Lee


Motown Soul Nite

Thursday, Dec 13th, 2018
9 pm
The Barkley
1400 Huntington Dr., S. Pasadena 91030

For all you Groovy Souls ... (especially those wanting to get a head-start
on the holiday festivities as well as a 2-week vacation).

People cruised by in order to establish a Motown Soul night
at South Pasadena’s Barkeley Restaurant & Bar.

This place is known for its Vintage Vibe and being the neighborhood bar/eatery
that boasts an authentic decor and takes you back to the old speak-easy days.

On any other night, the venue offers live jazz & swing band sounds.
For this event, the SoCal Soul Patrol and Iconic Mod Scooter Club have been contacted
to play an all-vinyl set of Motown Soul.

Spinsters will also throw in a splash of R&B, Northern Soul, and Mod Classics to keep everyone entertained.


Sugar Shack

Sunday, Nov 18th, 2018
3 pm
Roxanne's Lounge/Bar/Grill
1115 East Wardlow Rd., Long Beach 90807

The Sugar Shack series launched last night pushing an all-Soul/all-vinyl sound in the LBC.
It is now set to be a regular thing based on scooters, Soul music, stylish fashion, and
the SoCal sunshine that goes along well with plenty of sips of beer and cocktails.


Vintage & Vinyl Affair

(Scooter Parts &
Vintage Fashion Edition)
Sunday, Oct 21st, 2018
11 am to 5 pm
The OffBeat - A Bar on York
6316 York, Los Angeles 90042

Another event for those into the cool and hip subcultures of Southern California.
An array of vintage fashion deals along with
parts and accessories from Scooter Speed was available.

Everyone enjoyed adult beverages along with some groovy tunes
brought to you by a few local DJs.


Soul For Supper

Sunday, Aug 19, 2018
7 pm
The OffBeat - A Bar on York

6316 York, Los Angeles


More cool cats and kittens spinning and getting the crowd dancing
to multiple sets of Motown/Northern Soul music.


Groovy Tiki

Sat. July 21, 2018
12 pm

Long Beach Hotel

111 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach CA

This Groovy Tiki event was part of the SoCal Soul Patrol party series.
Its Pool-Party theme got people moving to the sounds of
Motown, Northern Soul, R/B, Funk, and other hip-shakin’ music.

In collaboration with Steady Beat Recordings, select DJs
such as Nicky Detroit, Christian Lopez, Vinyl Femmes, and the L.A. Breaker of Soul threw down
on the vinyl (sampled with tropical party sounds) to tingle the spine and workout the pelvic area.
The Summer theme brought plenty of mingling between
the tiki-savvy as well as those interested in more than tropical cocktails.

Swingin' Johnny & The Sonic Creepers raised the groove with their special blend of music
hinted with Rocksteady and Reggae. The Moan (
played a set that made you shake faster and grind harder.

All these artists and their groovy (vinyl and live) sound surely raised the event's coolness vibe
which set the stage for an evening of fire-cracklin' partying and tiki cocktail toasting.

Tiki/Pool attire guaranteed a no-hassle entry...(21+ and $5 pre-sale tickets were available from the
following collaborators: Tommy Gunn, Marv Mack, Adrian Villalobos, and Rick Uribe.)

Click below for more details:


Soul For Supper

Sun. July 22, 2018
7 pm

The OffBeat - A Bar on York

6316 York, Los Angeles

A select group of cool cats and kittens established a vibe for listening and dancing
to multiple sets of Motown/Northern Soul music.

The Wham Bam Band showed off their unique Soul sound,
which highlighted a solid horn section.

This event was a platform for new and up-and-coming artists
that possessed the passion and affinity toward the Motown Soul vibe.

Click here for more details:


Saturday, July 14th, 2018
Noon - 5 pm

at The Offbeat Bar on York

The OffBeat Bar's backlot and alley were transformed again in order to host the next Vintage & Vinyl Affair.
It was a swap-opp for those into vintage fashion, vinyl records, and the cool subcultures of Southern California.

the Wham Bam Band brought their Soulful sound to the inside part of the OffBeat Bar. Although it was chillin’
with air-conditioning, they played a set that raised the level of heat for all those interested in groovy Soul music.

Click below for more details:


Babalu to Boogaloo

Sunday, July 1st, 2018
The Resident

The SoCal Soul Patrol was proud to collaborate with Steady Beat Productions
to host this 4th year anniversary party. Party people enjoyed a Sunday afternoon
dancing to the sounds of Cumbia, Salsa, and many more.

Those who wanted a bigger space to dance came to the right place.

Soul For Supper

Sunday, June 24th, 2018
7 pm

The Offbeat Bar on York



An underground Northern Soul meet-up that let folks listen and dance
to a multi-set of vinyl grooves that were spun by DJs Sixties Pixie, Nicky Detroit, and Christian Lopez.

PLUS...Golden Age Records was selling a selection of vinyl that aligned with this event's theme.
A deal or two happened during the event!!!


Vintage & Vinyl Affair

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

at The Offbeat Bar on York

The OffBeat Bar's backlot and alley were transformed especially for this event.

It was an afternoon and early evening activity for those who were into vintage/retro fashion shopping,

toe-tapping groovy music, record-swapping, and the cool vibes that thrive in L.A.

Click the image to view the Video

ODLA Launch Party

Sun. April 8th, 2018

The Resident
428 S. Hewitt Street, Los Angeles Ca 90013

SoCal Soul Patrol joined the people behind the clothing brand,

Original District Los Angeles (ODLA), on Sunday, April 8th,

to launch a new clothing line for Jared Phillips.

ODLA is a new clothing brand that draws inspiration from LA’s famous Arts District.

The event featured art displays, photo-booth opportunities, DJs, and live performances by multiple music artists.



Sun. Feb 4th, 2018
9 pm - 2 am

The Resident
428 S. Hewitt Street, Los Angeles Ca 90013

Shake your thang to an all-vinyl set of RB/Soul/Funk music.

The Rill Thing was brought to you by the SoCal Soul Patrol and Local DJs.

It is part of a 2018 events series that builds upon the portal's successful launch in 2017.

Check out the images below from prior events.


7" Heaven: 45s All Night Long

Sat. Jan 20th, 2018
9 pm - 2 am

The Offbeat Bar on York

We got our groove on to a mix of 45-exclusive hits.

Local DJs got the crowd moving on the dance floor

as they spun R&B, Soul, Funk etc.

3 The HardWay

Sat. Dec 30th, 2017
9 pm - 2 am

The Offbeat Bar on York

SoCal Soul Patrol collaborated with Local DJs to host this year-end funky jam party.

Get out... Get groovy... Get sexy…!!!


The Naughty List

Sat. Dec 23rd, 2017
9 pm - 2 am

Resident DTLA

428 S. Hewitt Street, Los Angeles Ca 90013

An A-Typical SoCal Soul Patrol event that collaborated with Local DJs.

This party got you groovin' to the sounds of Apollonia, Vanity 6, the Time, Sheena Easton, Sheila E, and related music.


Sat. - Sept. 2, 2017
OffBeat Bar on York

The Moan
White Tar

A Soul/Motown/Mod/Scooter event for an Underground Society of Secret Agents...

(This event was brought to you by the So Cal Soul Patrol and its affiliates...)


Events Page:



This agent digs rock and roll music. He can do the twine and the jerk and only wears continental suits and high collared shirts. He has a reputation of being gentle but bold. And he can capture the interests of any crowd using his singing and dancing skills. He is often working alongside other performers during secret missions and assignments.
Always dressed sharply and is able to stay cool and calm under pressure. Can warm any lady’s heart, but can be cold as ice towards his enemies. He is known to clear a dance floor with ease and grace. And he knows how to manipulate his foes to his advantage. He is an expert at a range of weaponry and can make the smoothest exit whenever action calls.

Is considered one of the most strategic agents that can manipulate any corporate and government deal to her advantage. She can sell any idea using her wit, calculating mind, and delicate powers of persuasion. Will go above the call of duty especially to help the under-privileged and soft-spoken. Is known to leave a token financial gift as her signature calling card.
Equipped with unconventional survival and problem-solving skills and can out-maneuver a professional motorcycle racer using uncanny balance and nerves of steel. She can lower anyone’s guard using her soft-spoken façade and is often mistaken as a mild-mannered scooter girl. She is an expert in making lethal weapons disguised as cakes and pastries.

Can maneuver any dance floor with Zumba/Feline-like skills. Is an expert in the hair and cosmetics industries and can deploy global espionage efforts that can foil any terrorist plot. Having a royal background, she is often surrounded by foreign diplomats that try to woo her every desire. But she is always negotiating corporate takeovers and can maintain calm composure during the most heated debate.
This agent originates from Chicago and packs a powerful punch. She is an expert in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Although she can physically take-on opponents more than twice her size, it is her quick wit and strength in the art of the spoken word that can usually help her accomplish her mission.
He is an expert in controlling crowds using the art of music and is able to change algorithms efficiently. Very knowledge on the latest in technical devices and can often be found behind a DJ booth that is merely a façade for missile controls and security defense mechanisms.
This agent is a master in the art of cutlery, which includes expert marksmanship in hitting targets beyond 100 feet. Doubling as a professional hair stylist by day, she refines her cutlery expertise, which adds to her superior martial arts abilities. Her soft-spoken Joan Jett voice masks her true abilities in articulating strategies that are critical for any mission.
One of the newest agents in the scene who is already proving to be an asset due to his skills in technology, air-to-air combat, and rhythm & blues. He has passed all the rigor and testing to be a secret agent and is now fully equipped and ready to take part in any mission. He is beginning to make his presence known especially through the secretive Players Club.
Able to speak fluently in 10 different languages, this agent can manipulate any transaction using her quick wit and powers of persuasion. Her expertise is the ability to form relationships quickly using her knowledge of world cultures along with a lethal ability to use high-powered artillery.
0-0-Pressure Point
This agent is an expert on immobilizing opponents through the use of whole-body submission techniques. She is a proficient interrogator leveraging her knowledge on muscle relaxation and powers of sensual persuasion. Although quite alluring, she is fully capable of ensuring all ground operations function efficiently, which includes total oversight on logistics and time-management protocols.
This agent is known for her powers of seduction and abilities to control audiences on a worldwide scale. She is a master at metamorphosis and quick-change appearances in order to fool any government official or security guard. She is often found on the peripherals of a dance floor. But will have no problem clearing one to capture the eyes of her target.
This agent's expertise revolves around all-things heat-related. His fire-bombing knowledge is unmatched and can always find his target without leaving a trace. His abilities to control a crowd using an array of music styles can easily manipulate moods and emotions in order to help ensure the success of the mission.
This agent maintains a low-profile as a mild-mannered special education teacher. His expertise in thermo-global nuclear warfare is well-hidden behind chalkboards and dry-eraser whiteboards. He is often called upon to provide assistance to ground-level agents using undercover tactics and technology-based communication mediums.
This agent is an expert at MMA and hand-to-hand combat. He also has an arsenal of fighting weapons that he uses to defeat his opponents. Using the cover of a DJ booth, this secret agent is often called upon to clear a dance floor full of evil adversaries without skipping a beat on his spinning vinyl.
0-0-Scarlett Letter

The soft and quiet exterior of this secret agent masks a devious, strategic, tactical, and deep-thinking soul that is often called upon to deploy wide-scale illusions. She is a master at creating the right vibe for any environment, which coupled with an array of props can fool her target and help ensure the success of any mission.


Groove Me With A Tiki

Sunday, July 23rd -- 4 PM

Resident DTLA

Building on the Spark of Groove and the AAH Moment events, and HAPPYSONG Distribution hosted this Tiki-themed event with Nancy Opdahl in order to focus on Tiki fashion, Soul/Motown/Ska/Reggae music, vintage scooters, and a slick dance floor.

Special Tiki cocktails blended with award-winning Nobleza Tequila were offered as well as an array of DJs that spun vinyl to compliment local performing bands (such as Rue Britannia, the Moan, and White Tar). These up-and-rising groups played Alternative, Soul, and Mod sounds that pleased the crowd. The event started in the afternoon during the warm Summer month of July. Gina Davis showcased her new Tiki Summer line and special performances by Hell on Heels (i.e., our very own Martini Bomshell) wowed everyone there.

This was a FREE event and an opportunity for (professional/beginner) photographers to capture the 1960s Tiki/Mod-inspired party vibe.



Click the image to view the Video


Click the image to view the Video


AAH Moment in Time
Sunday, June 18th -- 3 PM

Resident DTLA

The AAH Moment in Time event (at showcased the limited-theme edition. It builds upon THE (Spark of Groove) fashion show (held in April) that was sponsored by HAPPYSONG Distribution and The Audrey Hepburn theme was sponsored by hair/make-up brands such as, but not limited to, Da Vinci (presented by our own Christine Hurden), Beverly Hills Hosiery, and Playmates of Hollywood. Photographers captured true AAH moments that can add value to any industry portfolio. A teaser-set was played by White Tar, a local group that is now poised to be LA's new Mod sound.

(This event was a collaborative effort between HAPPYSONG Distribution, Nancy Opdahl, and So Cal Soul Patrol)


Click the image to view the Video


Spark of Groove

April 23, 2017

Brought to you by:
So Cal Soul Patrol

at the
Resident DTLA


The Fashion Show revealed some really cool vintage and original pieces.

For more information about select items OR if you are interested in specific pricing

click here

The Spark of Groove event started the 2017 Summer thematic party series and provided the Los Angeles/Long Beach-based scene with a platform for fashion-related discussions, dancing to Soul music, and allowing local scooters to get together for fun and laughter. This event was the first of many thematic parties, which enabled to establish a DTLA footprint for its focus on Mod music, fashion, and vintage Lambretta and Vespa scooters.




The SoCal Soul Patrol was selected by Red Bull to be one of 70 race teams at the August 20th event. Here are photos of the soapbox racer's development process.

Event Link:

Start of Race

........................................Finish Line

Click the image to view the Video

Click the image to view the Video


Contact Islander Mod for event coordinations ...

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